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Fightin' Words [Sunday, May 2nd, 2010
@ 5:30pm]
This was originally intended as a quick exercise in solidifying my stance on a few topics, and should by no means be considered an exhaustive list. Somewhere along the line it turned into some sort of stunted bullet? Making it symmetrical was fun.

I would love to have someone tear into this. Getting into a discussion or seven about one's views is a very effective way to refine them further, after all!

Also posted at deviantArt and UV; some discussion can be found at both locations.

The bulk of this post is behind a cut purely for formatting purposes.Collapse )
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Dinner with the Denizens [Wednesday, January 27th, 2010
@ 10:54pm]
For the story behind this, go visit Cuttlefish (specifically, this post). I also suggest diving into his archives for some fantastic reads if you're looking for a good way to waste a solid week or more.

Anywho. I've been wanting to try this for, well, eleven days now. My schedule wasn't cooperating -- who needs free time, anyway? -- but today I finally dug in my heels and scribbled it out. Rusty rhyme warning: I haven't written a proper poem in months. Continue at your own risk!

As college dorms go, it was ancient and small;
Brick walls surrounding eight suites to a hall.
The schedules we juggled left no time for games,
You'd have claimed, but I smile at their names
And the pranks, the songs, the movies with John
While across the hall Furqan took Dominic on
In debates of religion, and cultural ties,
And the morals on which our society lies--
But oh! the delight of such young engineers
Was never the parties, the cars, or the beers.
Brothers and sisters in logic we walked
Each Saturday night to Ernie's, and talked
Of homework and headaches, professors and proofs,
Of music and maths and spontaneous spoofs.
The topics were varied, the discourse erratic;
Our arguments sound, if melodramatic--
And while we adored this weekly tradition,
One meal of them all stands the banner edition.
I cannot remember the fare that we shared,
Though I know it was bland, and none of us cared,
For, far too absorbed in the drawing of tables
On cheap paper napkins, with wobbly labels
And diagrams, charts, sketches aplenty!
The boys, our boys, those learned cognoscenti--
Well, I confess, I learned something new
Of the rules that govern a stop at the loo..

Disclaimer: I am not British (or Canadian, for that matter). I am also not Italian. If I have, perchance, offended any who are.. well now, don't leave your language where I can reach it, eh?

So there you have it. I'm pointing anyone who finds this to Cuttlefish's tent rather than set up my own; he's already made it clear that you're welcome, and you'll certainly meet more interesting folks there than at any dinner I might host. Off with you!
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Two years later.. [Wednesday, October 21st, 2009
@ 1:42pm]
..this sad little account has a use again. Pharyngula's comment system takes Livejournal accounts as accepted registration. I fully intend to continue lurking as always, but who knows? Perhaps I'll have something to add once in a while.
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Cleaning spree, anyone? [Monday, December 17th, 2007
@ 5:01pm]
I haven't been around this thing for a while now, but there was a lot of silly stuff on here. It's gone now, so I can now add more silly stuff. Hoorah! Any further updates will be random, but I'm sure that's no surprise.
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